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  • I will be honest. It is tough to put 20 years of kick-ass experience across the board into a brief summary. But if you're here - you are interested in knowing something more...

    Since 1994 I have utilized my skill and experience in media and Internet development to create and manage local and Enterprise level content solutions for some of the world's largest companies including Yahoo!, Nissan, Hyundai, Palm, Nokia, Adobe, IBM, Cadence, Computer Associates, Intuit, Travel Channel, BBC Europe, and Lonely Planet Television. In addition, I have also personally developed and managed Digital solutions for local Las Vegas luminaries like Mayor Carolyn Goodman, the Las Vegas Valley Water District, the RockHouse, PBR Rockbar, nearly every local luxury high-rise, and the El Cortez Hotel & Casino (for which I won an LV Electronic Media award)

    I am passionate about web design and development, especially HTML/CSS/jQuery/PHP/LAMP/MVC using "Web Standards". I specialize in delivering error-free, clean, classic, corporate friendly, artistic, yet fast loading websites that will last for years without problems, even as the newest technologies are introduced. My products are compatible with all modern browsers/devices, use very little bandwidth, and deliver the professional "punch" without unnecessary bloat. And most importantly, I am an old-school "hand coder". I do not rely on WYSIWYG editors, or applications to develop my solutions. This is the only way to attain absolute precision and performance. My sweet-spot lies in using Bootstrap, HTML/CSS/jQuery/Wordpress, MVC Frameworks, and Version Control Systems.

    But I do not stop there. Once the web product is launched, it is time to make it succeed:

    I am an expert “grey-hat” SEO engineer. Many know this to mean “Search Engine Optimization”, and in my experience is about “Seizing every Opportunity” in order to beat my competitors to the honey pot of free profitable traffic available in any market. Research, Tracking and Execution yield generous results!

    SEM? I got you covered. I have run highly optinized moustetrap landing page campaigns for Mayor Goodman, famous attorneys, real estate moguls, and highly competitive local market leaders. Branding is easy. I like challenges. I find the biggest bang for the buck, and specialize in the much more difficult "lead generation" campaigns. I can break your campaign down to an absolute cost per action, find the profitability dialed down to a specific ad group, phrase or search engine - so you know exactly where to dump the big bucks for big rewards.

    In addition, as a graduate of New York Video School, I am fully capable in creating new & exciting video content and bridging the gap between traditional and digital visual media.

    My experience and passion is well positioned to help you expand and profit from your digital efforts

Work Experience 1994 - 2014

    Director of Internet Marketing / Operations

    Balls Marketing

    I Engineered Internet marketing solutions for many landmark Las Vegas clients, and ran company operations.

    • Developed Lead generating marketing campaigns with complete transparent accountability
    • Created marketing phone tracking systems for each internet lead source
    • Designed and Developed “Mousetrap” pages for specific use in SEM marketing campaigns to better track conversions.
    • Identified exact cost per actions for each campaign and source to better target opportunites
    • Managed all email marketing campaigns
    • Tracked down sponsorship and advertising opportunities
    • Researched and executed link building campaigns across relevant domains with excellent Domain/Page Authority.
    • Studied Analytics and call tracking reports looking for additional opportunities.
    • Designed and developed websites for several famous restaurants, nightclubs, and luxury high-rises
    • Managed all company invoicing and client billing
    • Tracked employee time, and processed payroll.
    • Aggressively pursued new clients and networking relationships

    SEO Manager

    Levy Online

    I Engineered Search Engine Optimization operations for many different high profile clients across multiple niche markets.

    • Researched and identified Keyword Opportunities to exploit for traffic.
    • Researched and Identified On-Page Opportunities, and modified pages to offer better document optimization.
    • Tracked competitor Keywords and weekly rankings.
    • Retrofitted existing campaigns to be more effective in post Google Panda/Penguin climate.
    • Researched and executed link building campaigns across relevant domains with excellent Domain/Page Authority.
    • Modified CMS data fields to better optimize pages on existing projects.
    • Studied Google Analytics looking for additional opportunities.
    • Aggressively optimized inbound links and Local SEO listings in directories and on maps.
    • Designed and Developed “Mousetrap” pages for specific use in SEM marketing campaigns to better track conversions.
    • Developed a Dynamic SEM marketing site that served unique dynamic content to 125 different U.S. cities.
    • Taught other members of development and marketing staff SEO "Best Practices".
    • Extensive use of SEO monitoring and optimization tools such as SEOMoz, Raven, Screaming Frog, Yoast, and much more.

    Creative Director / Interface Manager


    I directed and engineered all Creative Design and Front-end web interfaces for all the company assets and needs.

    • Redesigned existing UI/UX on Enterprise level sites to use HTML5/CSS3/jQuery.
    • Created 100's of Photoshop design mock-ups to dial in goals, and preferences of executive team.
    • Created calibrated UI Photoshop and web ready files every UI/UX asset needed for a development project cycle.
    • Created first company micro-site using Bootstrap, and initiated it’s use on future development projects going forward.
    • Managed company’s visual branding across print, web and other media.
    • Managed remote staff’s efforts on new product/logo designs and cartoon mascot illustrations.
    • Created beautiful and optimized Navigation interfaces for large administration Back-ends.
    • Designed and produced all company email signatures and business cards.
    • Designed and created extensive web sprites for development team in order to streamline speed and performance.
    • Designed and Managed all outgoing E-mail newsletters and announcements, and delivered them to over 20,000 users.
    • Designed and Managed all blog announcements, and accompanying assets.
    • Updated all company products to use a modern media player that works across browsers/tablets and degrades gracefully.
    • Managed all cross browser compatibility design issues and bug tracking/killing across multiple products.
    • Created and organized an extensive shared Design repository of all company assets - fonts, logos, mock-ups, & resources.
    • Worked with Back-end developers to design and create traffic generating Browser plug-ins for Chrome, and Firefox.
    • Developed several rapid doorway marketing sites to push traffic at for A/B conversion testing.
    • Created custom marketing and branding documents to outline all fonts, color palettes and designs to be used across products.

    Director of Digital Services

    Letizia Mass Media

    I built and managed the Digital Services department, and lead the way in providing numerous digital solutions in an effort to evolve both the agency and our clients into a more modern method of web development and marketing.

    • Spear-headed movement to error-free coding, cross browser compatibility, web standards solutions, and jQuery development.
    • Managed e-mail marketing campaigns and finding workarounds for the design struggles of e-mail.
    • Brainstormed with team collaboration on design, goals, deadlines, and opportunities.
    • Created "10 point Situational Analysis" reports as sales tool to show clients successes and failures in their existing products.
    • Spearheaded translation of graphical mock-ups into solution-based designs with modern coding.
    • Hand coded hundreds of error-free documents for dozens of high profile clients.
    • Handled Search Engine Optimization and Marketing for clients (SEO, SEM) pushing them to the top of relevant market phrases.
    • Personally designed and managed client’s Social Media efforts across Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.
    • Collaborated on and managed a large hotel/casino property’s secure reservation system.
    • Met with clients personally and helped manage expectations of executives and clients, as well as kept team on pace.
    • Created organized work-flow for all team members to reference and follow for efficiency.
    • Corrected thousands of HTML code errors on incoming client projects to create more sustainable cross-browser compatibility.
    • Trained executive and sales staff on “Best Practices” in Development/SEO/Social and web marketing.

    Web Services Manager

    Creative Endeavors

    I managed the Web Services Department, and I personally responsible for all web sites, social media, blogs, databases, graphic development, coding, client services, and strategy meetings between staff, executives, and clients.

    • Built hundreds of event registration sites focused on data collection and reporting.
    • Personally designed mock-ups, layouts, navigations and web design elements.
    • Developed a client and project based Template system for rapid development of future projects.
    • Transitioned and trained development staff into using Version Control Systems (Subversion).
    • Created company Intranet and administrative web tool development.
    • Developed company-wide “wiki” to increase new staff training efficiency and retention.
    • Streamlined coding process by creating 100’s of error-free snippets of re-usable code for my staff to deploy.
    • Collaborated with Yahoo! “paranoid team” of security experts on performance optimization.
    • Created sophisticated secure data reports for clients from database tables.
    • Managed E-mail marketing campaigns and workarounds for the design struggles of E-mail rendering.
    • Coordinated and managed both in-house staff, and outsourced providers to make deadlines.
    • Managed Social Media efforts across Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and more for all clients.
    • Spearheaded movement to error-free coding, cross-browser compatibility, and jQuery development.


    VS Interactive

    I created all graphics, logos and print materials. I hand coded and deployed 100s of complicated websites. I edited all video footage and created, authored & encoded all finished video products from web media clips to finished retail DVDs.

    • Dynamic traffic generation across all platforms using personally developed tools
    • Built and managed affiliate reseller program serving over 1000 users in 100 countries
    • Complete Web development of 100s of sites for traffic and income generation

Technical Skills

  • Extensive skillset
    Front-end Development HTML, XHTML, CSS. All error free, cross browser compatible and 100% delicious.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience
    Front-end Functionality jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, 960 grid system, Javascript deployment and configuration.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience
    Front-end Design I have black belt ninja Photoshop skills, & I know the how/when/why of web UI/UX.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience
    Back-end Management MVC Frameworks, LAMP Environment, MYSQL Databases, .htaccess.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience
    Version Control Systems GIT / Subversion. Preventing mistakes and competing overwrites before they go live.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Positioning pages at the top of SERPs like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience
    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Paid position management & ROI optimization on SERPs like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience
    Content Management Systems Wordpress, Cushy, Joomla, Drupal.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience
    e-Mail Marketing Design and delivery Design/Develop custom HTML marketing newsletters through Silverpop, Constant Contact.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience
    Social Media Branding / Marketing Engaging users across social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google+.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience
    Macintosh OS Environment Excellent platform and administrative knowledge. And I can get dirty in the LINUX terminal!
  • Extensive knowledge and experience
    Windows OS Expert platform knowledge and administrative capabilities
  • Moderate experience
    Microsoft Office Suite Editing documents in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.
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